Resolute Investment Managers, Inc.

Resolute Investment Managers (“Resolute”) is a compensated promoter for ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK Invest”) and Ninety One North America, Inc. (“Ninety One”). Resolute is not a current client of either firm nor an investor in their funds. Resolute has entered agreements with ARK Invest and Ninety One whereby each firm has agreed to pay Resolute a fee in exchange for Resolute referring potential advisory clients/investors (including you) to ARK Invest or Ninety One, respectively. Resolute may refer clients/investors to a third-party platform where ARK Invest’s or Ninety One’s strategies are available, but Resolute is not promoting those platforms and receives no compensation from them. For its services to ARK Invest and Ninety One, Resolute will receive 25% of the advisory fees received by ARK Invest or Ninety One for referred clients/investors for so long as they remain under ARK Invest’s or Ninety One’s management. The advisory fees charged to you will not be affected by the fees paid to Resolute, because Resolute’s compensation will be paid solely from ARK Invest’s or Ninety One’s investment management fee and will not result in any additional charge to you. Resolute and its representatives may also receive non-cash compensation from ARK Invest and Ninety One, such as attendance at events, entertainment and gifts. Receipt of cash and non-cash compensation influences Resolute’s referral of prospective clients/investors to ARK Invest and Ninety One. Resolute is not providing investment advice or recommending an investment in ARK Invest’s or Ninety One’s products to you.